Winter Is Here…

It is now nearly a month into winter (by the calendar’s definition, anyway) and Falcon Park is now buried under a thick coating of lake effect snow. After a warm December, it seemed as if we had lucked out however, the weather definitely turned for the worst since the start of the New Year.

Now that I have vented about the weather, I can continue on with this blog post. First off sorry about being a couple days behind on this. If you are mad at me read the first paragraph, again I blame the weather.

Continuing with the theme of winter, I will share my favorite parts of the season. First of all the Super Bowl takes place in the winter and watching  football with family and friends is always a highlight of January and February.

My pick for the Superbowl, Cardinals and Patriots (score prediction coming in two weeks)

Leave a comment with your pick!

The Academy Awards also take place in February. The Oscars are one of my favorite things to watch on TV (in college I spent four years working for an agency that promotes movies).

My picks for the Oscars: 
Best Picture: THE BIG SHORT (The Revenant will win)
Actor in a Leading Role: Leonardo Dicaprio (Finally)
Actress in a Leading Role: Brie Larson (my new celebrity crush behind Jennifer Aniston of course)
Actor in a Supporting Role: Christian Bale (The Big Short is my favorite if you could not tell)
Actress in a Supporting Role: Kate Winslet (Rachel McAdams was a close second)

Feel free to comment your favorites in these categories!

Nothing ends winter better than baseball! That is right, in just a few weeks, 30 days to be exact the Nationals pitchers and catchers will report to Spring Training! The Nationals and the rest of the Grapefruit League will start their spring training games on March 2.





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