February…. Spring is Near

Today is the first of February! Baseball returns this month in the form of Spring Training! We are extremely excited to see how some recent alums of the Doubledays will fare this season. MLBPipeline’s top prospect list for the Nationals is coming soon, but in the meantime check out Baseball America’s list that was released in November!

Lucas Giolito, the highest ranked pitching prospect in mlbpipeline.com’s Top 100 Prospects, has taken the attention of the baseball world entering Spring Training.

While the players prepare to report to Florida, the Doubedays prepares as we now approach the final stretch before Opening Day (136 Days). Plenty of exciting promotions are being planned but I cannot give out any spoilers yet!

Last week I promised to answer a few fan questions so here we go!

Kevin from Syracuse asked, “When you are not at the ballpark during the summer what do you guys at the office like to do?”

Personally Kevin you can catch me at the golf course playing either against my dad or my best friend. They both think they are better than me however, last season I cleaned up nicely (I only lost three times). If I am not on the golf course I am usually catching up on sleep. The summer time is extremely hectic with the long hours!

Abby from Skaneateles asked, “What is your favorite place to eat?”

I love going out to lunch (my wallet doesn’t) but on a weekly basis you will find me eating at Moe’s. I love Moe’s Mondays. My go to order is a Joey with ground beef, regular rice, lettuce, cheese, corn salsa, sour cream and chipotle ranch sauce!

Be sure to ask your questions by emailing us at info@auburndoubledays.com, tweeting us @Doubledays, or contacting us on Facebook!

As promised our Super Bowl picks are in!

Mike- Carolina 26 Denver 17 (wants the Broncos but cannot pick against the Panthers because of how good they have been lately)

Andrew- Carolina 27 Denver 20 (he is so confident in his pick he gave me no reason behind it)

Derek- Carolina 31 Denver 24 (tough decision but could not pick against the Panthers)

Paul – Denver 17 Carolina 10 ( I had to pick against the others because I need the bragging rights)

Until next week,






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