Super Bowl Reactions

All of the hype of the Super Bowl has come and gone, Cam didn’t Dab, Beyonce danced and almost fell, Coldplay seemed to be the awkward third wheel, there were a lot of Super Bowl babies and a monkey pug baby. My feelings toward the game were mixed, I loved seeing the Broncos win (I was the only one from the office to pick that correctly last week), but I was really disappointed in the commercials. As a marketing person myself, I didn’t really enjoy the baby theme of commercials (but that is just me). Overall the commercials lacked humor or an emotional draw like recent years. Check out this AdWeek article where they reviewed every commercial.

However, my favorite part of the Super Bowl takes place away from the game and in my kitchen. Starting off the night with a great spread of appetizers to the main course. At my house the meal varies from year to year but whatever the meal the result is the same. Upon the conclusion of dinner I move into the digestion faze where I can be found on the couch.

The game itself was slow offensively, so I will use Mike’s favorite football player Eli Manning to sum up the action in one picture. screen_shot_2016-02-07_at_10_29_26_pm.jpg

(Thrilling, I know)

The Super Bowl is one of those great times where families are able to gather around the TV and enjoy the action, this in my opinion is what makes the Super Bowl such a great event!

On to other things, with the conclusion of football all eyes are on the start of spring training. The excitement surrounding the young talent of the Nationals continues to grow! (MLBPipeline)

As we near the start of Spring Training, let us know what prospect you are most excited to watch this upcoming season!


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