Presidential Name Game

Winter weather is in full effect throughout the area (nothing new) temperatures dropped below zero over the weekend. The extreme cold hit record lows this weekend marking one the coldest months in Upstate New York.  The snow and cold continued but Tuesday a new element arrived, freezing rain. The freezing rain crippled my car  killing the battery leaving me stuck working from home attempting to jump my car as snow continued to fall. That is my weekly weather rant.

This week is an exciting week as Saturday the Nationals pitchers and catchers will report to Spring Training marking the start of baseball! In the next couple of weeks our blog will continue to grow as the new voice of the Doubledays (can’t spoil the announcement so keep checking for that) will cover the baseball action each week!

This past Monday was President’s Day, so we decided to do some research on all the former Auburn players with Presidential last names to hold over your craving of baseball until Saturday.


(Pictured above an action shot of my researching)


1959 Auburn Yankees - George ALEXANDER
1961 Auburn Yankees- John TAYLOR
1963 Auburn Mets - Bruce WILSON
1964 Auburn Mets - Bob JOHNSON
1964 Auburn Mets- Jerry JOHNSON
1967 Auburn Twins - Michael FORD
1967 Auburn Twins- Joseph JOHNSON
1967 Auburn Twins - Gale KENNEDY
1970 Auburn Twins - Tom JOHNSON
1972 Auburn Phillies - Terrence FORD
1974 Auburn Phillies - Ronald JACKSON
1975 Auburn Phillies - Robert WILSON
1976 Auburn Phillies- Jeffery JOHNSON
1976 Auburn Phillies- Lee WILSON
1977 Auburn Phillies - Keith WASHINGTON
1984 Auburn Astros - Chuck JOHNSON
1985 Auburn Astros- Rich JOHNSON
1985 Auburn Astros- Kevin ADAMS
1986 Auburn Astros- Buck JOHNSON
1987 Auburn Astros- Greg JOHNSON
1989 Auburn Astros- Luther JOHNSON
1990 Auburn Astos- David WILSON
1998 Auburn Doubledays - Charlie CARTER
1999 Auburn Doubledays - Steven HOOVER
2000 Auburn Doubledays - Derrick JOHNSON
2001 Auburn Doubledays - John TAYLOR
2002 Auburn Doubledays- Russ ADAMS
2004 Auburn Doubledays - Zach JACKSON
2004 Auburn Doubledays  - Brian GRANT
2006 Auburn Doubledays - Ben HARRISON
2007 Auburn Doubledays - Drew TAYLOR
2010 Auburn Doubledays - Matt JOHNSON
2012 Auburn Doubledays - Josh JOHNSON

As always be sure to check back next week for our next blog





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