Bracket Mania in the Office

Today is a very special day! It is St. Patrick’s Day and officially 3 MONTHS until Opening Day!

When I was deciding what to write about St. Patty’s Day I stumbled across this…

giphy (6).gif

In all seriousness though, enjoy St. Patrick’s Day because everyone is Irish today.

Today also marks the start of the NCAA Tournament. The play-in games have concluded and now brackets must be finalized.

Our office (minus Derek who refused to participate because he did not want to lose, or as he put it, “didn’t want to pick against Syracuse”) completed our brackets which I have included below!

Andrew-   Tournament Challenge – ESPN – aksagarin 3 –

Biggest Upset: Northern Iowa going two rounds and defeating Texas A&M in Round 2.

Final Four: Kansas, Oklahoma, Michigan State, UNC

Champion: Kansas defeating Michigan State

Mike-  Tournament Challenge – ESPN – Trevor Cooooooooooooooney

Name of his bracket does not follow suit with his picks. Has Syracuse losing Round 2.

Biggest Upset: Chattanooga over Indiana/ Little Rock over Purdue

Final Four: Kansas, Oklahoma, Michigan State, UNC

Champion: UNC defeating Kansas

Paul- Tournament Challenge – ESPN – themullinnator 1

Name of the bracket has been the same since my first ever bracket in 6th Grade. Have to keep it consistent so I can add another trophy to my ESPN fantasy sports trophy case.

Biggest Upset: Syracuse going against Gonzaga in the Sweet 16. 10 seed versus 11 seed.

Final Four: Kansas, Oklahoma, UNC, Virginia

Champion: UNC defeating Oklahoma.

May the best bracket win! Be sure to let us know how your bracket stacks up against our brackets through Facebook, Twitter or Email us at

Until next week,




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