I am the CHAMPION!


An apology is in order, I missed my post last week and for that I am really sorry!

giphy (7).gif

The NCAA basketball tournament concluded this past weekend. A couple weeks ago I shared our bracket predictions. The final results are in!

1st Place – Paul

2nd Place- Mike

Last Place – Andrew

So naturally I walked into the office like this today..

giphy (8).gif

(Unfortunately I did win on a Syracuse loss to UNC, which was painful)

Syracuse does have a shot at redemption tonight with a chance to win the Women’s National Championship!

This weekend also marked a special day in the calendar: MLB Opening Day. The Nationals started things off with a bang…

Harper’s blast helped the the Nats open the season with a 4-3 win over the Braves.

Our front office spent this past Thursday at the United Way’s 23rd Annual Tim Morrison Miniature Golf Tournament. We built and operated the ninth hole.


The hole was a par 3 which only saw 5 hole-in-ones (two were from the same foursome.)

Until next week ( I promise I will not miss again)






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