Cinco de Mayo

My cup of coffee has reached the perfect temperature on my desk now I can confidently complete the blog.

There is something about a cup of coffee and the boost of caffeine that makes me feel like I can take on the world. That is a good mantra for the coming weeks as we draw closer to opening day at Falcon Park. The countdown has dropped below the threshold of fifty days and is quickly approaching now that we have entered into the month of May. Our work is cut out for us and we cannot wait to start the season.

The preparation for Opening Day has kept everyone busy, Mike has been in and out of meetings throughout each day, Derek has spent countless hours on the phone making orders and preparing the concession stand for the season, Andrew continues to prepare the ball park so that on Opening Day the stadium looks as clean as the first time the gates ever opened. I myself have covered my cubicle with calendars upon calendars. The planning is in full effect!

For a Nationals farm system recap check out this article:

Today May 5 marks the holiday of Cinco De Mayo. The holiday is not Mexican Independence Day, that takes place in September.

However, Americans do love to celebrate the day and to help you celebrate here is a list of all the amazing deals that are available!

giphy (13).gif

Also as a quick reminder we are beginning to accept applications for the New York Penn League Scholarship. The application can be found here!

Until next week,





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