101 Days

The temperature in Auburn hit high 50s today which means baseball must be coming.

101 Days until opening day to be exact!

giphy (4).gif

Saying we are excited is an understatement.


The Nationals are tied for first place in the Grapefruit League with a record of 5-1.

Some former Doubledays players have been having a successful spring training. Giolito, and Treinen have both had success in their first visit to the mound neither pitcher surrendered any runs. Wilmer Difo has knocked in three runs in seven at bats.

Meanwhile back at the ranch I have decided to take today to interview our Accounting Manager Derek so everyone can get to know him!

Q: Derek we can start of simple, where did you go to school and why did you pick that school?

A: I chose Syracuse University for the athletics and the sports management program and the opportunities they could provide me.

Q: What are your major job responsibilities?

A: I handle the concessions and other areas of the ball park that bring in revenue, in addition I handle all accounting for the club and financial relations with the Washington Nationals.

Q: On game day where can you be found?

A: In the concession stand for the most part but I also move around the stadium during the game, making sure everything is running smoothly.

Q: Where is your favorite place to get lunch?

A: Arby’s

Q:What question do you hate to answer?

A: I hate rhetorical questions

Q: Favorite type of music/ Favorite song at the moment?

A: Favorite type of music would be rap, current favorite song My House by Flo-Rida. Most likely will change though by the end of the week.

Q: If you could be any superhero who would you be?

A: Batman because he has no actual super powers and he has an awesome car.

giphy (5).gif

Q: Favorite thing about baseball?

A: I like the strategy and the stuff that goes on behind the sport. The sport is not as simple as it may look and I really enjoy that.

Q: What is your favorite meal of the day?


Q: If you could be stuck in an elevator with one person who would it be?

A: The president because I would not be in there very long someone will come save us.

Q. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

A: Playing Xbox with friends and going golfing.

Next week I will take time to meet with Andrew and do a quick Q&A with him, if you have any questions for him be sure to let us know via Email (info@auburndoubledays.com) Twitter or Facebook!

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Like it, Love it, What?

How many different emotions do you experience on a daily basis?  Facebook recently released an update that now gives you the choice of sharing six different types of emotion: Like, Love, HaHa, Wow, Sad, or Angry.

As a marketing guy this change is something I find very interesting! What do these changes mean in the marketing world? Over the weekend I spent some time with some great college friends who also work in marketing, and one prevalent conversation topic was Facebook  and how they would affect our jobs.

Time will tell how these changes will impact the world of social media, but in the meantime I have decided to connect these to the world of baseball.

LikeLike-Who doesn’t like the smell of the freshly cut grass at a baseball game. Nothing beats watching baseball and taking in all the sounds and scents inside the ballpark.

love.jpgLove- We love the interacting with the community on a daily basis. Each day during the season we are able to put smiles on faces. Every summer night we do our best to give back to the community of Auburn.

haha.jpgHaHa- This baseball Gif makes me laugh so I will share this (enjoy)giphy (2).gif

wow.jpgWow- What better wow moment in a baseball game than a walk-off win! Last season we experienced an amazing conclusion to our season when Diomedes Eusebio hit a walk-off to beat Batavia in the bottom of the tenth!

sad.jpgSad- When it comes to baseball and being sad there is nothing more depressing than a baseball field covered in snow. Thankfully the sun is out today and the field is snow free (for the time being).

2016-02-29 16.29.32.jpg

angry.jpgAngry- Nothing makes us more angry then when Mother Nature does not cooperate and we are not able to play a game on time.

Join the conversation, let us know what you think about all of the new emotions and feel free to leave a like or love on this post!



Home Improvement to Home Theater

Major changes inside the front office are near complete. (No I was not fired). For about the last month, the office has been a construction zone in an attempt to create new storage and make the office feel like an office. The construction included knocking down a wall for a new shelving unit, painting the office and even a new floor.

2016-02-23 10.22.55.jpg

The new floor is looking great it has given the office a much brighter look with a lighter tone than the old flooring.

Renovations aside, this weekend marks the celebration of the Academy Awards. If you remember, I shared my predictions for the Academy Awards check them out in a previous post.

In preparation for the Oscars here is a list of Baseball Movies nominated for Oscars:

Pride of the Yankees (1942): The film depicts the life of Lou Gehrig, made a few years after the death of the Yankee legend. The movie stars the Babe himself. Received 11 nominations including; Best Picture, Best Lead Actor and Best Lead Actress, but it’s only win was in Best Film Editing

The Stratton Story (1949): The story of the legendary White Sox pitcher who returned to Baseball after losing his leg in a hunting accident. This movie achieved best screenplay, the only award it was nominated for at the Oscars.

Bang the Drum Slowly (1973): The movie tells the story of a catcher who finds he is near death. Vincent Gardenia received the nomination of the Best Actor in a Supporting Role but was not selected by the Academy for this award.

The Natural (1984):

the-natural-home-run_1305339_GIFSoup.com (2).gif

The iconic swing, that received four Oscar nominations. None of the nominations were selected as winners.

Field of Dreams (1989): Nominated for three different awards (Best Picture, Best Writing, Screenplay based on Material From Another Medium and Best Music, Original Score), but took home zero awards that night.

Bull Durham (1989): Yes that is right two different baseball movies in the same year. The screenplay was written by a real minor league baseball player, Ron Shelton. Shelton was nominated for the script but did not win.

Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream (1995): Some question this documentary getting a nomination, and point the finger towards Denzel Washington being an executive producer being the reason. Nominated for Best Documentary, however, was not selected as the winner.

Moneyball (2011): The story of the well-known A’s manager Billy Beane portrayed by Brad Pitt. This movie was entertaining and covered the general idea of the novel Moneyball. One of my favorite movies on this list except for this one thing…

giphy (1)

Jonah Hill. No offense to all the Jonah Hill lovers, I just prefer he stick to comedies rather than attempting to be serious. Moneyball received six nominations, including Best Motion Picture of the Year, Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Hill), and Best Actor in a Leading Role (Pitt). None of these nominations were winners.

Here is a list of movies that did not receive nominations but are very good if you are in need for more Baseball movies this week!


Bad News Bears

Eight Men Out

As always feel free to leave a comment on the blog or send an email with a question to be featured in next week’s blog!


Presidential Name Game

Winter weather is in full effect throughout the area (nothing new) temperatures dropped below zero over the weekend. The extreme cold hit record lows this weekend marking one the coldest months in Upstate New York.  The snow and cold continued but Tuesday a new element arrived, freezing rain. The freezing rain crippled my car  killing the battery leaving me stuck working from home attempting to jump my car as snow continued to fall. That is my weekly weather rant.

This week is an exciting week as Saturday the Nationals pitchers and catchers will report to Spring Training marking the start of baseball! In the next couple of weeks our blog will continue to grow as the new voice of the Doubledays (can’t spoil the announcement so keep checking for that) will cover the baseball action each week!

This past Monday was President’s Day, so we decided to do some research on all the former Auburn players with Presidential last names to hold over your craving of baseball until Saturday.


(Pictured above an action shot of my researching)


1959 Auburn Yankees - George ALEXANDER
1961 Auburn Yankees- John TAYLOR
1963 Auburn Mets - Bruce WILSON
1964 Auburn Mets - Bob JOHNSON
1964 Auburn Mets- Jerry JOHNSON
1967 Auburn Twins - Michael FORD
1967 Auburn Twins- Joseph JOHNSON
1967 Auburn Twins - Gale KENNEDY
1970 Auburn Twins - Tom JOHNSON
1972 Auburn Phillies - Terrence FORD
1974 Auburn Phillies - Ronald JACKSON
1975 Auburn Phillies - Robert WILSON
1976 Auburn Phillies- Jeffery JOHNSON
1976 Auburn Phillies- Lee WILSON
1977 Auburn Phillies - Keith WASHINGTON
1984 Auburn Astros - Chuck JOHNSON
1985 Auburn Astros- Rich JOHNSON
1985 Auburn Astros- Kevin ADAMS
1986 Auburn Astros- Buck JOHNSON
1987 Auburn Astros- Greg JOHNSON
1989 Auburn Astros- Luther JOHNSON
1990 Auburn Astos- David WILSON
1998 Auburn Doubledays - Charlie CARTER
1999 Auburn Doubledays - Steven HOOVER
2000 Auburn Doubledays - Derrick JOHNSON
2001 Auburn Doubledays - John TAYLOR
2002 Auburn Doubledays- Russ ADAMS
2004 Auburn Doubledays - Zach JACKSON
2004 Auburn Doubledays  - Brian GRANT
2006 Auburn Doubledays - Ben HARRISON
2007 Auburn Doubledays - Drew TAYLOR
2010 Auburn Doubledays - Matt JOHNSON
2012 Auburn Doubledays - Josh JOHNSON

As always be sure to check back next week for our next blog




Super Bowl Reactions

All of the hype of the Super Bowl has come and gone, Cam didn’t Dab, Beyonce danced and almost fell, Coldplay seemed to be the awkward third wheel, there were a lot of Super Bowl babies and a monkey pug baby. My feelings toward the game were mixed, I loved seeing the Broncos win (I was the only one from the office to pick that correctly last week), but I was really disappointed in the commercials. As a marketing person myself, I didn’t really enjoy the baby theme of commercials (but that is just me). Overall the commercials lacked humor or an emotional draw like recent years. Check out this AdWeek article where they reviewed every commercial.

However, my favorite part of the Super Bowl takes place away from the game and in my kitchen. Starting off the night with a great spread of appetizers to the main course. At my house the meal varies from year to year but whatever the meal the result is the same. Upon the conclusion of dinner I move into the digestion faze where I can be found on the couch.

The game itself was slow offensively, so I will use Mike’s favorite football player Eli Manning to sum up the action in one picture. screen_shot_2016-02-07_at_10_29_26_pm.jpg

(Thrilling, I know)

The Super Bowl is one of those great times where families are able to gather around the TV and enjoy the action, this in my opinion is what makes the Super Bowl such a great event!

On to other things, with the conclusion of football all eyes are on the start of spring training. The excitement surrounding the young talent of the Nationals continues to grow! (MLBPipeline)

As we near the start of Spring Training, let us know what prospect you are most excited to watch this upcoming season!

February…. Spring is Near

Today is the first of February! Baseball returns this month in the form of Spring Training! We are extremely excited to see how some recent alums of the Doubledays will fare this season. MLBPipeline’s top prospect list for the Nationals is coming soon, but in the meantime check out Baseball America’s list that was released in November!

Lucas Giolito, the highest ranked pitching prospect in mlbpipeline.com’s Top 100 Prospects, has taken the attention of the baseball world entering Spring Training.

While the players prepare to report to Florida, the Doubedays prepares as we now approach the final stretch before Opening Day (136 Days). Plenty of exciting promotions are being planned but I cannot give out any spoilers yet!

Last week I promised to answer a few fan questions so here we go!

Kevin from Syracuse asked, “When you are not at the ballpark during the summer what do you guys at the office like to do?”

Personally Kevin you can catch me at the golf course playing either against my dad or my best friend. They both think they are better than me however, last season I cleaned up nicely (I only lost three times). If I am not on the golf course I am usually catching up on sleep. The summer time is extremely hectic with the long hours!

Abby from Skaneateles asked, “What is your favorite place to eat?”

I love going out to lunch (my wallet doesn’t) but on a weekly basis you will find me eating at Moe’s. I love Moe’s Mondays. My go to order is a Joey with ground beef, regular rice, lettuce, cheese, corn salsa, sour cream and chipotle ranch sauce!

Be sure to ask your questions by emailing us at info@auburndoubledays.com, tweeting us @Doubledays, or contacting us on Facebook!

As promised our Super Bowl picks are in!

Mike- Carolina 26 Denver 17 (wants the Broncos but cannot pick against the Panthers because of how good they have been lately)

Andrew- Carolina 27 Denver 20 (he is so confident in his pick he gave me no reason behind it)

Derek- Carolina 31 Denver 24 (tough decision but could not pick against the Panthers)

Paul – Denver 17 Carolina 10 ( I had to pick against the others because I need the bragging rights)

Until next week,





Where in the World is Abner?

For those of you keeping score at home, yes, I did incorrectly predict the Super Bowl. (Patriots vs Cardinals)

As a Bills fan I really have no idea what it takes to win a playoff game or even get there. However, this weekend the Patriots did lose, and as an avid Bills fan seeing Tom Brady lose in the playoffs is the next best thing about the NFL.

Now that there is a new match-up my pick will be in next week. I will be doing my research all week.

Leave a comment with your pick!

With only the Pro Bowl on TV this weekend, my picks for TV include the X Games in Aspen and Syracuse Basketball (Thursday against Notre Dame and Saturday against Georgia Tech).

On to other things, after an appearance by the sun in Auburn yesterday, we’re back to snow flurries today.  Abner couldn’t take the cold anymore, so he decided to take an impromptu trip down south, here is a picture he sent me. Abner on the beach.jpg

Send us a picture of you in your Doubledays gear doing your favorite winter activity (vacation, skiing, shoveling, etc..) and we’ll post it right here on this blog.

Things in the office are starting to move quick because it is nearly February. Mike and Derek have been working with Minor League Baseball to update the look and feel of our Online Merchandise Store, so be sure to check it out. New products are being ordered as we speak and will be added in the Spring.

We’d like to make this blog a forum for you to ask questions of our staff! All you have to do is email us at info@auburndoubledays.com, Tweet, or Facebook Message us!

Next week we will answer the best questions and provide our Super Bowl picks so be sure to ask away and check back next week for our answers!